Analise Ipatowicz

Move Coordinator

Analise has been coordinating moves at DLO since 2001. Her expertise is coordinating large scale, multi-phased move projects, including with the Vancouver Police Department (1000+ members & civilians), Teck Resources (300+ staff), Translink/CMBC (800+ staff), and the City of Surrey’s City Hall (700+ staff).

Quickly familiarizing herself with each client’s company dynamics, and gaining an in-depth understanding of the project players allows Analise to develop a detailed move strategy. Every company is different, as is every project, each with their own set of unique challenges. By identifying these early on, Analise can determine where her expertise is best utilized and what is better handled internally for cost efficiencies. 

Life with her husband Greg and their children is spent skiing, traveling and enjoying their home. So precariously balanced is this beautiful life.

Analise Ipatowicz