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Post-Move Checklist – What You Need to Know After Moving Offices.

If you have just completed an office move, chances are that you are ready to put your feet up, relax and never think about moving again. While the heavy lifting may be over, there are still a few details to look after to ensure your entire moving process is finished off smoothly. 

Be sure to download our post-move checklist at the end of this blog!

Complete A Walk-Through with Your Moving Company

Before the end of the move, complete a walk through with your Move Manager. At both your new and old office locations, you will be able to ensure that your expectations were met, and that you are satisfied with the move. If you see any work still to be completed, or anything damaged, mention it so that nothing is missed – your needs should be top priority!

Communicate with Staff

Distribute a new phone list and map of each division to all staff so that everyone is well-informed of where other team members are now located. Be sure that all the old location passes, keycards and keys are collected and returned, while distributing the entry items for the new office. Encourage staff to complete an in-depth walkthrough of the location to familiarize themselves with the new space. 

Remove & Recycle Excess Furniture

Now that your new space is set up you may realize that there is excess furniture that you need to dispose of. Partner with a moving company that will recycle everything you no longer need so that you are not harming the environment or cluttering up your new space.

Organize Financials

Collect and organize your invoices from the moving process. Ensure that everything is scheduled to be paid and properly filed. Also, be sure to check that future bills and payments have your updated address on file so that nothing is missed or forgotten.

Create Press Release & Announcement 

Write a press release and take photos of your new office space to share with your clients and to your company website. Schedule social media posts sharing about your move so that everyone is aware. You may even plan an “office-warming” party where you invite people to come and take a tour of your new space!

At last, time to relax and celebrate, enjoy the new space and make it feel like your own.

If you are seeking an office moving company that will be with you every step of the way, even after your move, consider DLO Move Support Services. They always ensure the clients needs are put as top priority and don’t consider the job done until you are happy! Feel free to reach out to us via email at or phone at 604-254-0135 with any questions.

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