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Vancouver Businesses: How to Plan a Successful Office Move (+ Checklist)

Planning Successful Business Move Checklist
Vancouver Office Space being prepared for a move

An office move is a crucial transition time for your leadership team as well as your employees. Establishing a comprehensive plan and thorough checklist is the best way to stay organized and on top of the details. Here are some of our tips for planning a smooth office move as well as a checklist that will assist you throughout the process.

New Site Confirmation

Once you have selected your new location and have planned out any new furniture, equipment, and signage you will want to confirm both your occupancy and completion dates. Connect with the building manager to inform them of the move in date and your approximate moving time so that they have the facilities fully prepared.

Establish Move Pathways

Take some time prior to the move date to label your new office with numbers and wayfinders so both the moving staff and your employees know exactly where to go and there is no time wasted during the office move.

Select Moving Supplies & Arrange Delivery

Evaluate which bins, labels and other moving supplies you will need for your office belongings. After establishing what your needs are, contact your move coordinator so they can confirm how many plastic EcoBins your company needs and the most efficient way to move files and contents. From there, select a date for the supplies to be delivered to your current office location.

Staff Communication 

It is important that your employees are well informed throughout the office moving process. Informing your team will not only align everyone internally, but will also allow them to feel part of this exciting transition. Tailor your packing instructions for each department and encourage them to work as a group and take initiative for packing their personal belongings. A few days prior to the move, hand out these packing instructions and include a unique move locator number. 


You will also want to assign a staff member to lead at the current and new office locations so that all other employees have a go-to person, and you can focus on other important details of the day.

Elevator Planning

If your current or new office location requires the use of an elevator to access the space, you will need to confirm that you have reserved the elevator at both locations for the move date and review the process for locking it off.

Although there are many considerations, taking time prior to the move of your Vancouver business to lay out a plan can lead to reduced stress and an overall smoother moving process. 

Download Our Successful Move Planning Checklist Here!

Hiring an Office Move Coordinator will greatly assist you in your planning process as you will have an expert helping you out with every step along the way. Consider connecting with DLO Move Support Services! Feel free to reach out to us via email at or phone at 604-254-0135 with any questions.

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