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Top 5 Mistakes of Office Moving and How To Avoid Them

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If you are looking to move offices in Vancouver this coming fall, now is the time to start planning. While there are many things to consider when coordinating a move, it’s crucial that you are aware of certain aspects in the office moving process. Here are the top five mistakes we see in our industry and how to avoid them for a successful move to your new location.

1. Lack of Planning during an Office Move

There is no question that moving an office requires a lot of planning. There are many things to take into consideration such as timelines, equipment needs, IT… the list goes on. Planning an entire office move from start to finish can be an overwhelming task, and may cause burnout or be incomplete due to lack of experience in the moving process. You run a high risk of missing important details, which could end up delaying your office move. One way to avoid this mistake is by working with someone who is experienced in all aspects of planning a move – an Office Move Coordinator. This person can develop a strategic plan and timeline as well as identify departmental requirements and implement these needs.

2. Poor Communication throughout the Office Moving Process

Along with the many parts to plan, there are also many parties involved in a commercial move. Each stakeholder deserves full transparency and communication so that you are working as a team to help each other and no one’s valuable time is wasted. Hosting move-meetings periodically throughout the process to update your landlord, moving company, vendors, contractors, as well as your team are essential to mitigating this problem. 

3. Not Considering Your Team 

Communicating with your staff is just the start of making them feel included in the office move. Remember they want to help you and be a part of the process, trying to do it all yourself will only leave you stretched and your team on the sidelines. Avoid this by asking them to help sort through the current things in the office, pack and organize files, as well as assist in strategizing for the new office space plan. If they get to have a say in how the new space looks or functions it may increase workplace performance.

4. Inadequate Preparation of Your New Office Space

Not taking the time to lay out your new office space and ensure critical things are in place before starting to move will definitely cause interruptions to your timeline. From the set-up of IT systems to the installation of furniture, you need to be sure that your new office is move-in ready before you start transferring items. This boils down to a well-planned moving timeline and consideration of every detail.

5. Partnering With The Wrong Office Movers

Of course any moving company is able to get your things from the old space over to the new one but working with a company that is not experienced specifically in corporate office moves may cause major problems. They may not have access to the proper equipment needed to move office furniture or files, and they likely have no capacity to assist in recycling large items that don’t work in your new space. Opt to partner with corporate Vancouver office moving experts that have staff to assist you with planning, and know how to support you best.

Want to avoid all 5 of these office moving mistakes? Choose to partner with DLO – the Vancouver office moving experts. Contact us by email at or phone at 604-254-0135 to start off on the right foot in your moving process.

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