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Questions to Ask Vancouver Office Moving Companies During a Winter Move

Navigating a Winter office move could easily become overwhelming for you and your staff if you are not well prepared beforehand. With so much going on when you first decide you want to move, there could be some key questions you forgot to address when you are at the planning stage. It’s important to speak with your Vancouver office moving company about any potential questions you may have so you know how to prevent anything that could cause complications during the move.  

Here are some FAQs surrounding a Winter office move in Vancouver:

How do you prepare for an office move in Winter?

Preparing for an office move is all about troubleshooting hundreds of hurdles that can affect the success of your move, especially during the Winter. The best way to prepare is to start planning early and engage the services of someone experienced in organizing moves, like an Office Move Coordinator. Bring in a coordinator during the preliminary planning stage to provide a budget number for your move, as well as strategies for a seamless transition from your old office to your new one.

What things will office movers not move?

It might be easy to assume that your office mover will move anything you have ready to go into your new office space, but that is not always the case. There are certain hazardous materials which require additional training and certification to be transported safely, which our movers may not have. Photocopy equipment or other leased machinery will often need to be moved by the vendor themselves. The right office mover will have the knowledge and experience to direct you to the best contractor to team up with and can often arrange this as a part of your move coordination package.

How long does it take to move an office during the Winter?

When considering the time it takes to move an office, there are several key factors to consider. The distance – how far are you moving your office? Who is moving the furniture – would it be you and your staff?, or would you be hiring an office moving company? How many staff members do you have available to help you move offices? If you are looking for additional services such as computer and internet disconnection and reconnection services. With a quick site visit and some further clarification about your current and future needs, DLO office movers can provide you with the hours and cost for the move of your office, large or small.

Are office movers different from residential movers?

Yes, there is a difference between office movers and residential movers because they both require a certain expertise and focus to complete. Office movers are dedicated to ensuring minimal down time for their business clients, while typically working after hours at regular rates since most office buildings do not allow moving during the day. Office movers also know the ins and outs of commercial elevators and loading dock bookings, while maintaining relationships with Property Managers in their area. They are experts at maintaining order, integrity, and confidentiality of office files during a move. Our Office Movers are tool savvy and can seamlessly disassemble and reassemble furniture while providing IT support such as disconnection and reconnection of computers. 

How do you pack up an office?

To pack up an office, you need to first determine all the areas that need to be packed up, including offices, workstations and common areas (copy rooms, lunchrooms, closets, file rooms, storage rooms). Most staff members prefer to pack up their own offices and workstations so it’s important to encourage them to start early by having boxes, labels, and other packing supplies delivered on site. Ensure everything is packed into moving boxes or plastic bins and labeled to the new location. 

If you’re on the lookout for an office moving company, DLO Move Support Services Ltd. is Vancouver’s commercial moving company that provides services such as corporate office moving and coordination anywhere in the Lower Mainland, office furniture repurposing and recycling, as well as storage management. Call DLO Move Support at 604-254-0135 for all your office move needs.

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