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Office Relocation: Avoid Making These Mistakes

As a successful business, you will experience a number of exciting times during your expansion. Part of this will include moving to a bigger and better office space. Whether you are moving down the road or to the other side of the country, it is important to get everything right from the start. However, it isn’t as simple as packing up a few things and moving them from one place to another. Without meticulous planning, your business could experience unnecessary downtime.

Lack Of Planning

Due to the complexity of an office move, you should have a precise plan in place. Leaving it all to the last minute will push your stress levels through the roof and allow for costly mistakes to creep in. A good way to organise the office move is to have a checklist; this will ensure nothing gets missed or left behind.

Miscalculating The Complexity Of Your IT Infrastructure

If you’re a small business, you are more than likely to be relying on IT and when it isn’t running efficiently this can cause a huge number of problems. This aspect of the office move quite often goes under the radar. That’s why it is important to speak to an IT specialist before the lease has been agreed and ask them to check out the premises to see if it is suitable for your IT equipment. Good IT specialists will advise you on how to plan your new office layout. Furthermore, they will set up your internet connection and the servers before you move, cutting out any potential downtime.

Not Implementing A Timeline

Time is a precious and rare thing for business owners.  By making a simple timeline and most importantly, sticking to it, your business will see the benefits. The timeline, together with a checklist, will minimise disruption on your business during the move. This will put you in a better place to organise your colleagues to prepare and help with the move.

Comes to Port Town

Proudly accented by rich modern finishes including glass, iron and wood tones that complement its streamlined architecture, IRONWORKS is the first of its kind, consisting of two commercial buildings with stacked layouts and an ideal mix of loft office space, showroom, and warehouse flex spaces.

The Pandora and Franklin Buildings are separated by a central landscaped mews, with a common dock loading area, individual loading for each unit, and parking for visitors. The Pandora Building offers stunning views of the Vancouver waterfront and North Shore mountains.

The modern stacked building layouts, unique to IRONWORKS, are highly functional and the result of a forward-thinking vision for industrial design and development. Let IRONWORKS and the thriving East Vancouver neighbourhood of Port Town be the catalyst for your business success. If you’re considering purchasing commercial space in Gastown, Mount Pleasant or other areas of Vancouver, don’t miss out on what IRONWORKS and this unique Port Town neighbourhood have to offer!

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