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Office Design Trends for 2018

The design of your office should be close to the top of your priority list.
It’s the root of your office culture, reflects your brand, and affects your employees’ productivity. 

Here are a few top office design trends to pay attention to so you can build a dynamic work environment. 

Green is the New Black

Between time spent at home, at work, and in the car, we are often left with little time to spend outside. It’s been proven that being outdoors can reduce stress, improve memory, and make people happier, overall. Office designers have taken notice and are responding accordingly, by bringing nature indoors. Indoor and rooftop gardens, water features and sustainable materials have become commonplace in offices. If your office has outdoor space, consider creating a walking path for employees. This will encourage them to get outside, take a breath of fresh air and recharge.

Texture, Minimalist or Both?

Over the past few years, startups have been converting old buildings while keeping the minimalist, industrial look. This layout makes it easy to create an open concept but too much open space can make these old buildings seem cavernous. To combat this, textures have been introduced to give spaces a more-playful and less-industrial feel. The great thing about textures is that it’s an affordable way to add accents to a room. Colorful pillows, handmade rugs, wall panels, and chair throws can all bring a little bit of life to a space, creating a comfortable and home-like atmosphere. 


Ideally, your office design should be adaptable to any situation – whether it’s an open concept for a big project or if you need to squeeze in new employees while maintaining flow. You could find yourself rearranging a space to create a war room where strategic decisions are made for a product launch! If you clutter your space with too much furniture, you may not have a design flexible enough to accommodate what’s around the corner. Your best bet is to think through potential scenarios like upcoming hires or projects, and to consider those factors as you’re designing your space. 

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The Deloitte Foundation.

“As a leading professional services organization, Deloitte has much to contribute to the economic and social structures. As such, through our foundation, we want to promote human dignity, learning and culture, and advocate the sustainable use of natural resources and environment.”
– (Ahmed Hassan, Country Managing Partner, Deloitte Romania and Moldova)

To learn more about their contributions, please visit their website below
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