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How to Find the Right Office Movers in Vancouver


Finding office movers in Vancouver can be as simple as you make it – a quick search on Google or even word of mouth referrals from a family or friend. If you actively go searching for a company to help you with your next office move, it’s possible you might get overwhelmed by the number of options that are available. This can lead to your next question – how do I find the right one for my business? Depending on the type of services you need, your list of options may get smaller which ultimately narrows down your search to find the Vancouver office mover that is right for you.

Here are some questions you should ask when it comes to finding the right office movers in Vancouver

What services does the company provide?

DLO Move Support Services Ltd. offers a variety of services from before your office move, all the way post-move support. There are services available that help you coordinate your office move, conduct the actual office move, store your furniture and equipment, and even recycle or repurpose your old furniture. If you are unsure of which services you may require for your move, DLO office movers will help walk you through what each service offers.

How much experience do the office movers have?

If you are looking for someone that knows more than what you do when it comes to preparing for an office move, you’ll be happy to know that DLO has been in the moving industry for over 25 years. DLO’s goal is to ensure your office move is as seamless as possible, as we stand by you from the time we join your team through the post-move support. All our team members are experienced in office moves and have the right attitude and tools to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Which areas do they service?

With most of our clients in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, DLO Vancouver office movers can help move from one office to another within the Greater Vancouver area. We service all areas from Whistler to Chilliwack and everything in between. Longer distances such as Kamloops and Victoria are also possible after we assess your needs during our consultation. 

Is rental equipment provided or do I have to rent my own?

The last thing we want you to worry about is whether or not you have to go out of your way and rent equipment for your office move, so we offer rentals for your convenience. To help you and your company out during the move, you can rent eco-bins, rolling tubs, dollies, and library carts. Just let us know beforehand what equipment you will need and how many, and we will be sure to reserve it for your big day. 

Is there anything the Vancouver office movers will not move?

When you begin cleaning out your current office in preparation for your office move, you may come across items that you are unsure of taking with you. DLO will not move certain hazardous materials that require training and certifications to be transported. Photocopy equipment or other leased machinery will often need to be moved by the vendor themselves, but don’t worry because DLO will be able to direct you to the best contractor to help with these items as part of our move coordination package.

If you’re on the lookout for an office moving company, DLO Move Support Services Ltd. is Vancouver’s commercial moving company that provides services such as corporate office moving and coordination anywhere in the Lower Mainland, office furniture repurposing and recycling, as well as storage management. Call DLO Move Support at 604-254-0135 for all your office move needs

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