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How DLO Coordinates your Vancouver Office Move


If this is your first time hiring a moving company to facilitate your office move, there could be a lot of questions running through your mind as you wrap the idea around your head. One thing is certain, you made the right decision to get some help from a company like DLO Move Support Services Ltd. Whether it’s your first time, or you simply just enjoy how something so stressful could be handled without your active involvement at every step of the way, you will appreciate how smoothly the Vancouver office move can go when you hire an office Move Coordinator.

Here are some ways DLO coordinates an office move

Develop an overall strategic timeline and office move plan 

If you are the manager or owner of a Vancouver company, you probably already have your hands full with other responsibilities. Depending on how much later your office move is planned for, it might be tempting for you to procrastinate small tasks and keep pushing them back until you have more time to. By hiring an office Move Coordinator, your office move will go as planned because there is someone there to ensure you are meeting mini deadlines and being held accountable for getting specific tasks done within a certain time frame. 

Assist with staff communications

You might think communicating with your staff is easier than it really is. Since it’s more likely that the office move would be happening amidst regular working days, your current employees will already be preoccupied with their daily tasks and projects and may forget what was expected of them in regards to the office move. With the help of an office Move Coordinator, your staff will be constantly reminded of what is needed from them and by when so it doesn’t affect the overall moving timeline. 

Coordinate service provider installations and furniture deliveries

In order to stay efficient with getting business operations quickly back up and running smoothly, you will need to consider booking your service provider installations as they are crucial when it comes to accommodating your staff with the tools they need to get their job done. For instance, one of the first things that need to be installed is an internet connection. The office Move Coordinator can coordinate the installations and also ensure the furniture and equipment are delivered on time for efficiency and productivity purposes. 

If you’re on the lookout for an office moving company, DLO Move Support Services Ltd. is Vancouver’s commercial moving company that provides services such as corporate office moving and coordination anywhere in the Lower Mainland, office furniture repurposing and recycling, as well as storage management. Call DLO Move Support at 604-254-0135 for all your office move needs

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